Enhancing Guest Experiences:
SALTO Access Control Installed Across Multiple Accommodations

In a bid to elevate guest experience and bolster security measures, SALTO Access Control has been recently installed across multiple accommodation establishments. Notably, the Deluxe Pembroke Suite in Kilkenny City, and Monkey Puzzle Accommodation situated in Bunclody, have embraced this innovative technology.

Monkey Puzzle Accommodation in Bunclody:

monkey puzzle accommodation bunclody

Situated in the charming town of Bunclody, Monkey Puzzle Accommodation has embraced SALTO Access Control to enhance guest convenience and safety.

By integrating SALTO’s cutting-edge technology, this Guesthouse aims to provide guests with a seamless keyless entry experience, while ensuring robust security measures to safeguard both guests and property.

Deluxe Pembroke Suite:

salto kilkenny airbnb

Nestled in the picturesque city of Kilkenny, renowned for its rich history and cultural heritage, a luxurious Airbnb property has raised the bar in guest satisfaction by implementing SALTO Access Control. This establishment aims to provide a seamless and secure experience for its discerning guests.

With SALTO’s keyless entry system, guests can now enjoy hassle-free access to their accommodations, while property managers benefit from enhanced security features and streamlined operational efficiency.

Why Choose Salto

Benefits of SALTO Access Control

The recent installation of SALTO Access Control across multiple accommodation establishments, including the Deluxe Pembroke Suite in Kilkenny and Monkey Puzzle Accommodation in Bunclody, underscores the growing importance of innovative technologies in the hospitality industry. By prioritising guest convenience and safety, these establishments are setting new standards for excellence in guest experience.

As SALTO Access Control continues to revolutionise access management solutions, it’s expected that more hospitality establishments will follow suit, embracing this cutting-edge technology to enhance their offerings and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.